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Capsule Hotels Near Me - New York - The Pod Hotel


Capsule Hotels Near Me

Searching 'capsule hotels near me'? We're going to take you on a tour of the Pod Hotel in New York City, near Times Square.

In New York there are actually FOUR pod or capsule hotels! One on East 39th Street, one on East 51st Street, one in Brooklyn and this one, which is near Times Square.

Capsule hotels near me

So What Actually Is A Capsule Hotel?

A capsule hotel, otherwise known as a pod hotel originates from Japan. With the lack of space in hugely populated cities like Tokyo, capsule hotels have tiny rooms that provide a certain degree of comfort in bunk beds with a shared bathroom, for people taking a short night stay, basically 1-2 nights.

The first capsule hotel in the world opened in 1979 and was the Capsule Inn Osaka not far from the shinjuku station, located in the Umeda district. From there it spread to other Japanese cities and then eventually to other countries and cities around the world. They provide a unique alternative to a hostel or motel or other budget hotels.

The Pod Hotel, New York

Like many capsule hotels, The Pod Hotel in New York has stripped away all the extras! You won't find a coffee maker a fridge or even a closet in the room. In fact, it even boasts about the lack of unnecessary features that are superfluous to hotels like ironing boards, business centers and overpriced minibars!

It keeps the price low but only at the sacrifice of comfort. Still, if you're passing through and need a cheap rate in a prime location, a capsule hotel is the perfect choice.

At the Pod Hotel in Times Square, you'll find safes, hairdryers, soap, shampoo and Conditioner. You can even request irons boards and kettles if you need them, though like we said earlier, they're not in every room. Capsule pod hotels still have some of the modern comforts we've become accustomed to, like air conditioning and free wifi. In the main areas there are vending machines.

There are various room types available at the Pod Hotel in Times Square. All the rooms here are private rooms, so there's no need for lockers, and they're also fairly spacious.

The 'full pod', which is the entry level room, is described as a 'cosy nest' to unwind and recharge for a new adventure. Full Pods have the capacity to sleep two guests, but are recommended for those traveling solo. Max occupancy 2 guests. Amazingly, All Pods are fully private, with en suite facilities.

The pod hotel is modern and the rooms are surprisingly nice! Because of it's excellent location some of New York's most famous landmarks are within walking distance.

Pod Hotel Downsides

One negative is that you have to park across the street in this garage. In the heart of Manhattan, don't expect this to be cheap!

Capsule Hotels Near Me - Are They Worth It?

Capsule hotels offer a pretty unique experience. Even if you're not on a budget, spending a night at a capsule hotel with a group of friends can be a really fun experience. You have everything you need. A comfy bed, amenities, bathroom and even extra facilities like a restaurant and a bar. Think of what you can do with all those extra pennies you'll save! Still not convinced? Search cheap motel near me instead!

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