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October 9, 2021

Best Cheap Motel Near Me Under $50 Hack

Cheap Motel Near Me Under $50

Looking for a stylish accommodation without completely exhausting your financial account or using motel vouchers? Do you want a room with a view or a drink at the rooftop bar or an extended stay?

Whatever tickles your fancy, our collection of low cost motels has something for everyone. You'll also have more money to spend on shopping and entertainment because you won't be spending top dollar for a fancy hotel room. Hotels Near Me are going to take a look at the best cheap motel near me under $50.

Fortunately for you, the USA is brimming with quality motels under $50 near me, many of which offer comfortable lodging costs that will make your eyes wet, but in a good way.

cheap motel near me under $50

What's the difference between a hotel and a motel?

Whether it's a hotel or a motel they both serve as a place to sleep during your travels. The term hotel is actually of a French origin dating back to the 1600s, while the motel is actually an American institution, starting in the 1920s, combining the two words, hotel, and motor. So, what's the difference?


Motels were actually rebuilt for motorists during the boom of America's major highway system. They are good for one good night's rest, locating themselves near highways or the outskirts of towns and rural areas.


Hotels are generally found within cities or near vacation areas or businesses and airports. Hotels were built for longer visits which is why they have other features like lounges gyms and entertainment. Some of them might even have pools and restaurants. Hotels have lobbies while motels are more direct when it comes to accessing your room.

Of course hotels tend to be more expensive. So, motels, serve as a place to rest your head for a short visit, but a hotel, basically serves as a resort or a home away from home.

How to get a motel near me under $50

So, depending on where you're going, you can find a lot of different deals when you're looking for motels online. You don't have to always book directly through the motels website, there are websites like Hotels Combined, Priceline, Hotwire and a host of different websites that you can find deals on motels on.

Today, we're going to be tell you how to use Hot Wire to get a discount on your motel stays.

Hotwire has a lot of hotels at low prices, but with Hotwire they have their 'secret motel' . With their secret motel they give you options for different motels, and show a snapshot of the room. This snapshot could in essence be enough to discover the hotel.

The motel descriptions that explain what you're going to get are vague so it involves a little bit of detective work as they don't tell you the specific motel that you're going to be staying at. Instead, they give you a general area, for example, a motel on the strip in Las Vegas and most importantly, they also do give you three options of which motel it could be.

So, here's what to do next to get your motel under $50

  1. Open a new window and visit Hotels Combined .
  2. Search the general location that your hotel on Hot Wire is.
  3. Check the photos and find the one where the room matches .

The rooms may differ but you can gain an idea through the wall colours, carpets and furnishings. Generally, motels stay on brand with their fixtures and fittings!

Another little tip is to check the reviews. The reviews on Hotwire are powered by Expedia so open up another tab and look at the reviews and match them up to one another to figure out which is the mystery motel!

Check particular features, for example if the condition of the motel is at 4.6 on Hotwire you want to go to Expedia and make sure whatever motel you click, it's a 4.6, then for quality of service and so on.

What to look for in a Motel under $50?

Motels have come a long way since the 50's. You should expect things like free parking, free wifi, clean rooms and laundry facilities, cheap rates, cheap rooms.

Some have gone a stage further and will include 'hotel style facilities' like an outdoor pool, car rental, business center and other room amenities such as shampoo and body wash.

Now that travel is resuming, we'll be able to explore the world and enjoy this great travel hack to find a cheap motel near me under $50! Learn more about the difference between a motel and a hotel here.

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