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The Best Cheap Motel Near Me Under $50 Deals


Cheap Motel Near Me Under $50

Hotels Near Me specialise in helping people find the perfect motel for a shoe string budget. If you've been searching for a "cheap motel near me under $50" on Google, you'll find just what you need here on our website. Comfortable accommodation without completely exhausting your financial account or using motel vouchers.

Whatever tickles your fancy, our collection of low cost motels and cheap hotel has something for everyone. You'll also have more money to spend on shopping and entertainment because you won't be spending top dollar for a fancy hotel room. Hotels Near Me are going to take a look at the best cheap motel near me under $50 .

Fortunately for you, the USA is brimming with quality cheap motels under $50 near me, many of which offer comfortable lodging costs for a short stay or an extended stay, that will make your eyes wet, but in a good way.

cheap motel near me under $50

What's the difference between a hotel and a motel?

Whether it's a hotel or a motel they both serve as a place to sleep during your travels. The term hotel is actually of a French origin dating back to the 1600s, while the motel is actually an American institution, starting in the 1920s, combining the two words, hotel, and motor. So, what's the difference?


Motels were actually rebuilt for motorists during the boom of America's major highway system. TheMotels were actually rebuilt for motorists during the boom of America's major highway system. They are good for one good night's rest, locating themselves near highways or the outskirts of towns and rural areas. Nowadays you can find an excellent motel chain like the holiday inn and cheap weekly motels throughout the US.


Hotels are generally found within cities or near vacation areas or businesses and airports. Hotels were built for longer visits which is why they have other features like lounges gyms and entertainment. Some of them might even have pools and restaurants. Hotels have lobbies while motels are more direct when it comes to accessing your room.

Of course hotels tend to be more expensive. So, motels, serve as a place to rest your head for a short visit, but a hotel, basically serves as a resort or a home away from home.

What to look for when searching 'cheap motel near me'

  • Reviews - One of the immediate giveaways for whether a motel is of a high quality or not are the reviews left by past guests. On our search engine powered by Hotels Combined you can check the reviews and make an informed decision. Let's remember, a motel under $50 is likely to have it's quirks or some things a bit rough around the edges. Look for motels that have an average rating of 4 or higher to get a reasonable selection to choose from.
  • Location - If you're looking for a motel now, close to you, then location is going to be pretty high up on your list. A 'near me' will likely pull up a load of motels within a 10 mile radius, so be careful if proximity is high on your priorities. Looking for something in the city center? The map function in our search tool is a great way to find a motel perfectly located for you.
  • Price - Set your budget in the search filters to bring all the motels under $50 into view. Can't find many? Try expanding it to $100.
  • Facilities - Don't forget those handy extras when booking your motel. Whether it's a swimming pool, free breakfast or room amenities like an ironing board.

Follow these three steps, and you can be sure you’re getting the best "cheap motel near me” at a great price.

How to get a cheap motel deal

So, depending on where you're going, you can find a lot of different deals when you're looking for a cheap rate online. You don't have to always book directly through a budget motel website, there are websites like Hotels Combined, Priceline, Hotwire and a host of different websites that a traveler can find deals on motels on.

Booking a motel under $50 using Hotwire

Here at Hotels Near Me, we're going to be tell you how to use Hot Wire to get a discount on your motel stays.

Hotwire has a lot of hotels at low prices, but with Hotwire they have their 'secret motel' . With their secret motel they give you options for different motels, and show a snapshot of the room. This snapshot could in essence be enough to discover the hotel.

The motel descriptions that explain what you're going to get are vague so it involves a little bit of detective work as they don't tell you the specific motel that you're going to be staying at. Instead, they give you a general area, for example, a motel on the strip in Las Vegas and most importantly, they also do give you three options of which motel it could be.

Finding a last minute motel deal in the right neighbourhood

motels near me

Love booking a last minute holiday? I don't know about you, but there's just something really exciting about booking a little trip away for the weekend. If you're travelling last minute, here's what you should you do to make sure that you're not paying too much money.

Make sure you know where you're going! Sounds obvious, but I'm not just talking about destinations. You want to find out you're going to the right motel. If you're searching 'near me', take a second to choose the right neighbourhood in your chosen city or town. Because remember, if you're only going for two to three days, you will want to see as much as you can. Checkout local blogs like this one for New York.

You can also look at Trip Advisor or travel forums and see the types of conversations that people are having about different neighbourhoods.

Compare last minute motel prices

Next, you're gonna want to compare those motel prices. So generally speaking, we recommend hotels combined which pulls the best deals from various booking platforms around the web. Remember if you use it often, you'll often find that there's a membership price on there as well which can save you extra dollars. Another thing to check is Expedia, Expedia are great for last minute hotels, they will often drop their prices near the time of your check in especially if there's availability still. so make sure you check out Expedia as well because those prices can be a

So, here's what to do next to get your motel under $50

  • Open a new window and visit Hotels Combined .
  • Search the general location that your hotel on Hot Wire is.
  • Check the photos and find the one where the room matches .

The rooms may differ but you can gain an idea through the wall colours, carpets and furnishings. Generally, motels stay on brand with their fixtures and fittings!

Another little tip is to check the reviews. The reviews on Hotwire are powered by Expedia so open up another tab and look at the reviews and match them up to one another to figure out which is the mystery motel!

Check particular features, for example if the condition of the motel is at 4.6 on Hotwire you want to go to Expedia and make sure whatever motel you click, it's a 4.6, then for quality of service and so on.

What to look for in a Motel under $50?

Motels have come a long way since the 50's. You should expect things like free parking, free wifi, clean rooms and laundry facilities, cheap rates, cheap rooms.

Some have gone a stage further and will include 'hotel style facilities' like an outdoor pool, car rental, business center and other room amenities such as shampoo and body wash.

Now that travel is resuming, we'll be able to explore the world and enjoy this great travel hack to find a cheap motel near me under $50! Learn more about the difference between a motel and a hotel here.


Are motels safe?

Motels probably have a reputation for being unsafe from Hollywood movies like Psycho and The Shining. Actually, motels, on the whole are very safe.

Are motels cheaper than hotels?

Motels often are cheaper than hotels due to the facilities and amenities they offer and also due to where they are located. Motels focus on short convenience stays where as hotels are purpose built for leisure stays.

Are motels open now?

All Motels should be back open after the pandemic. Each motel will have differing reception hours so it's important to check this when searching motel near me, as they may be closed when you arrive.

How much are motels near me?

Motels differ in price with some costing under $50. More luxurious motels with extra facilities and amenities can cost in excess of $150.00

Why are motels bad?

Motels aren't necessarily bad! They can have a reputation for lacking quality and being very basic, but this serves the needs of certain travellers looking for a cheap short night stay.

How many motels in USA?

There are over 91,000 hotels. 52,000 of these are hotels and 39,000 are motels.

Which motels accept cash?

Motel 6 is one of the major chains in America that accepts cash. They may want a credit card on file for incidentals or accidents.

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