Climb A Live Volcano In Stromboli Sicily

Stromboli Sicily Active Volcano

Imagine climbing a live volcano surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the Mediterranean. For those interested in the trip of a lifetime--with the chance to experience the dramatic beauty of an unspoiled landscape and culture—a visit to Stromboli, Italy is a must. One of the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli is located north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is famous for its continually active volcano—this type of mild but frequent eruption occurs in only a few volcanoes worldwide.

Stromboli Erruption

Stromboli is accessible by ferry, or the faster hydrofoil, from the harbors of Milazzo or Naples; schedules change according to the season. No cars are allowed on the island, so transportation consists of walking, motorbike, or “ape-car.”

The largest village on the island is also called Stromboli, and has a number of hotels in the area such as the Hotel Villaggio Stromboli, Ossidiana Hotel, and La Sirenetta-Park Hotel. Hotel Prices in Stromboli range from the high $100's per night for clean comfortable rooms to the high $300's (for terraces, private beach, sea views, pool, and tennis courts). In addition, there are several bed and breakfast establishments, and rooms for rent are also available. For dining options, tourists can eat at the restaurant located in La Sirenetta-Park Hotel (open from May to September), and there is a local pizzeria and several trattorias offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood, a staple of the local diet.

Proximity to the sea gives a number of recreation options for tourists, including scuba diving, boating, swimming, and walking along an unusual black sand beach. Boat rides are available to other Aeolian islands for more exploration opportunities.

One of the greatest attractions of the island is the opportunity to climb the magnificent Stromboli Volcano, which has a summit elevation of 3,031 feet. When conditions permit, and with an experienced guide, the tour is unmatched for awe-inspiring views close to this immense force of nature. During periods of activity, bursts of molten rock shoot upwards leaving glowing trails of orange and red in the sky, along with columns of white steam. The best times to witness the ventings are at sunset and nighttime, when the crater’s explosions and fiery lava streams produce an astounding effect.

The hike up the mountain takes approximately three hours and the hiker should be in good health. Safety guidelines should be followed, and hikers need to be prepared, carrying adequate equipment and supplies, such as a flashlight and water.

The island’s unique geography and remote location ensures that tourists will have a thrilling vacation, whether on a romantic getaway, or to view nature up-close in a wild, challenging environment. It can be said that there is no place on earth quite like beautiful Stromboli and its live volcano--a vacation adventure unmatched in excitement.