Travel Tips For Visiting Manama Bahrain

Manama, the capital of Bahrain, is located in the northern part of the country’s main island, which is off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Gulf. Visitors can drive from Bahrain International Airport (at Muharraq Island) on a causeway that connects to the capital. Manama has a dry sunny climate, since much of Bahrain is desert terrain, and the official language is Arabic, with English, Farsi, and Urdu spoken as well. The city enjoys great financial success, and is known for its historic and architectural significance. A distinctive feature is the waterfront skyline of high-rise buildings including the Financial Harbor and Bahrain World Trade Center--an exciting backdrop for Manama’s nightlife of clubs and restaurants.

Many cultural activities reflecting the country’s rich heritage are available to visitors of the region. Artifacts of ancient Dilman communities can be seen in the city’s Bahrain National Museum, which houses rare archeological collections and reconstructed tombs. A short distance from Manama, near Karbabad, is another major historical attraction--the Bahrain Fort, a structure dating back to the 14th century. This compound, built on much older settlements, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. To experience traditional markets, shoppers can stroll through the centrally located Manama Souq whose shops offer a variety of goods such as colorful fabrics, perfumes, spices and jewelry.

The oceanfront offers more recreational activities such as scuba diving, water skiing, and snorkeling. A popular excursion is dolphin watching, with boat tours giving visitors a chance to see dolphins and other marine mammals swimming in the Gulf. The region also allows natural pearl diving for the skilled adventurer, and a project is underway to restore some of the oyster habitat and maintain this priceless resource.

Accommodations with opulent surroundings are plentiful, with a number of 5-star hotels in the heart of the city such as the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, or the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa. The 367-room Diplomat Radisson has elegant suites with Internet service, satellite TV, and mini bar; guests have access to indoor and outdoor pools, spa, restaurants, and lounges. The location is minutes away from shopping malls, the Bahrain Museum, and the airport. Overlooking Manama Bay and close to Manama City Central, the Ritz-Carlton offers suites and villas, an infinity pool, and a beautiful beach for enjoying the sea. Amenities include lavish baths, spa, and restaurants. These luxurious settings within the vibrant city of Manama will give travelers the best of both the ancient and modern world.