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October 6, 2021

Hotels in New York Brooklyn

Hotels in New York Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the second most important borough in New York City, right after Manhattan and its the most populated one and for good reason. With its cool architecture awesome and nightlife, Brooklyn literally has it all. This post is going to highlight some of our favourite hotels in New York Brooklyn.

hotels in new york brooklyn

All the hotels listed in this 'Hotels Near Me' blog post include traveler basics such as free wifi, essential amenities, breakfast and a concierge service.

There are 5 different suburbs within Brooklyn. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about which one suits you best. But first, let's check out some of the best hotels in New York Brooklyn.

1. The William Vale Hotel

The William Vale Hotel blends with the neighbourhoods cultural landscape, while at the same time making a statement all of its own, it's super trendy Williamsburg.

Su mon is designed the interiors to reflect the industrial history and vibe of the area. The community in which the hotel is located is populated by Creative People and businesses.

Local communities very much at the centre of the design of the hotel. Not only that, locals can find a home in the hotels to f&b destinations.

The independent boutique hotel opened its doors last year. Nearly two years after the design team conceptualised the interior schemes for the lobby ballroom a function area, guests rooms, corridors and dining venues.

Its relaxing retreat uses materials and attempts to keep the palette light, fresh and youthful. Features include white marble pairs with pale wood and colourful art combined with metallic accents.

While the hotel has its own distinct Brooklyn character, the connection to Manhattan is clear with sweeping views to the city throughout the hotel.

2. Williamsburg Hotel

Famous for the skyline sunset view of downtown Manhattan from each guest room, the Williamsburg hotel has floor to ceiling windows throughout the hotel. You're going to be treated to some amazing views.

The Williamsburg is by no means a cheap hotel, with rooms starting from a couple of hundred dollars a night. The hotel is walking distance to some of Williamsburg's great food nightlife and parks.

Areas in Brooklyn NYC


dumbo brooklyn ny

Located under the Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo is a really cool renovated area. It used to be a big warehouse a district which has been converted into cool art shops, coffee shops and history spots, which is why its the number one tourist attraction in Brooklyn!

Dumbo has incredible views that you can see of the Manhattan skyline as well as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and even the Williamsburg Bridge.

Let's chat about some of those places in the warehouse district of Dumbo. Empire stores is an old renovated warehouse turned into a mall and is a very trendy spot to do some shopping. There are some very fun art and coffee shops and bookstores too.

Did you know Brooklyn even has it's own bridge!? There are wonderful views of the bridge from Pebble Beach where you can also get to the city from by going physically under the Manhattan Bridge. You can also walk on top of the Brooklyn Bridge which takes about half an hour to walk over. It's one of the only bridges of the famous ones that doesn't have a train going through it. Enjoy the wonderful views of the city of New York.

Downtown Brooklyn

Really close to Dumbo is Downtown Brooklyn. People consider Dumbo a part of downtown Brooklyn but the biggest area that you want to check out in downtown Brooklyn is the Fulton Street Mall. It's like a giant open air mall with plazas almost three times the size Times Square. There's plenty of shopping outlets, restaurants and hustle and bustle to be found in downtown Brooklyn.

You might want to check out a building called City point. Here they have a very well known and trendy street food market called the cow street market, and a movie theatre that's out of this world called the Alamo Drafthouse.

Are you a fan of cheesecake? You might want to check out Jr's restaurant, known for having some of the best rated pieces of cheesecake you can get in New York City - expensive but delicious.

If you're into history, try Transit Museum which has history all about the MTA and transit within New York City.

For sports try the Barclays centre in the Atlantic Avenue terminal, these are giant stadiums in downtown Brooklyn where you can see shows performances and sports events.

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is directly next to downtown Brooklyn. It's really really cool. Brooklyn heights promenade is a very unique way to see the city from an elevated platform with views of famous architecture architecture. On Pierpont place you can go around and see the very laid back old residential architecture style buildings. The Historical Society is somewhere you can go and learn a little bit about Brooklyn's history.

Prospect Park

This is less of a neighbourhood and more of a surrounding area like the Prospect Heights and public park area. Prospect Park is similar to Brooklyn Central Park - it is a giant Park inside of Brooklyn. The Grand Army Plaza is a huge arch called the soldiers and sailors arch, reminiscent of the great Arch in Paris.

Grand Army Plaza has tonnes of monuments and all kinds of architecture, while in the surrounding area there's the Brooklyn Museum for art enthusiasts. Prospect Park is well known for the Brooklyn Library, which looks incredible from the outside.

Nearby are the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a most gorgeous place with atriums and bio domes that you can walk through with different areas from around the world, including deserts and tropical gardens. It's really like another central park.


Williamsburg has a beautiful blend of Hasidic Jewish people and hipsters. It is a really unique place not to be found anywhere else. Williamsburg has great food has great nightlife, it has many things to see and do and it is more laid back than any of the other neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. Places to checkout include Domino Park and the Bushwick Inlet Park. For great views of Manhattan on a sunny day these places are awesome and they're hustling and bustling with life. Be sure to see Bedford Avenue both during the day and at night.

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