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Hotels Near Me

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How to find cheap hotels near me

Hotels Near Me blog is dedicated to bringing sensational hotel deals to customers and friends throughout the U.S. If you’ve been searching for “hotels near me” on Google, you’ll find just what you need here on our website. 

We specialise in connecting customers with hotels and motels throughout the U.S, U.K and the rest of the world. Whether you’re planning to book a couple of romantic nights away or are looking forward to a quiet evening with close family by the beach, you want a convenient hotel situated close to you.

 If you’ve been wondering “How to book a hotel nearby" just enter your location and dates above for the latest deals. 

Use a hotel booking site that searches across platforms

You may think it’s better to book direct with the hotel, and in some cases this can be true when searching for a hotel or motel online. But to not compare room rates across multiple booking channels is just madness! Booking accommodation online can be a minefield. Hotels Near Me compare the best deals across some of the top booking engines including booking.com, agoda and Kayak.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hotels open?

Pretty much all hotels are now back open after the pandemic. To double check just Google the name of the hotel you're interested in and check the opening hours.  

Are hotels cheaper last minute?

Different hotels operate different pricing strategies and algorithms. Some hotels can offer discounts in the region of 20% for last minute bookings where as other hotels may charge a premium if booked within a couple of days of your arrival. It's definitely worth shopping around or using a price comparison site like Hotels Near Me.

Do any hotels take cash?

Whilst lots of hotels now prefer payment by credit card you can still pay with cash at some places. Phone ahead to check as payment may be required at check in. It's worth paying by credit card to receive extra benefits such as insurance or air miles, depending on the partner program.

Can hotels release guest information?

Guest information is strictly confidential and hotels are not be allowed to distribute guest data. In the case of federal investigation, this may differ. 

How are hotels rated?

Hotels receive a star rating depending on a whole catalogue of facilities, amenities and standards that they offer. A one star hotel for example will have at least five bedrooms with en suite or private facilities, open 7 days a week, guest have access at all times, clearly defined reception area, restaurant serving breakfast seven days a week and evening meals five days a week and a licensed bar. The requirements increase to include additional facilities such as a second dining area, business centre, spa and permanent luxury suite

How much does a hotel room cost for a few hours?

Some hotels offer rooms by the hour. A typical hourly rate can vary from between $20-$100 per hour depending on the hotel. Hourly rates are particularly common in airport hotels with a high passenger turnover and a need to rest ones head. 

What hotels are choice hotels?

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What hotels does Marriot own?

Marriot hotels own a number of luxury hotel brands including the Ritz-Carlton, St Regis, JW Marriot, Sheraton, Le Meridian and W Hotels. 

How many hotels are in Las Vegas?

There are about 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas over around 350 hotels. The largest of these hotels is the MGM Grand with 5,044 rooms able to accommodate around 12,000 guests.

Hotels where pools are open

Indoor hotel pools are generally open all year round whereas outdoor pools can be seasonal. If you're hoping to swim in spring or autumn it's worth checking with reception to make sure that their pool is open. You may also want to ask if the pool is heated!
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